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What is Dementia Care?

What is Dementia Care?

Dementia is a syndrome that usually impairs an individual’s ability to think, remember things, and make decisions – it can also impact speech, mobility, and independence. According to NHS research, one in 11 people over 65 are living with a dementia diagnosis in the UK.

Danforth Care is committed to supporting those who are living with dementia, helping them to manage the everyday, and continue to live an active, happy life. While the early signs of dementia – like memory loss or difficulty concentrating – can be very liveable, there may come a time where dementia care becomes essential to the continued safety and wellbeing of your loved one.

The Importance of Dementia Care

Dementia care can provide a level of safety, comfort and support that simply isn’t possible at home for individuals with a dementia diagnosis, particularly if they’re also suffering from a concurrent illness like diabetes or arthritis. 

Danforth’s nursing staff receive a high level of training and are well equipped to provide specialist care to residents with dementia. This becomes increasingly important as dementia develops and begins to impact your loved one, as well as their friends and family, more significantly. In our dementia care homes, we get to know all of our residents as individuals, so our qualified staff can respond to their needs with the right healthcare and support, empowering residents with dementia to keep on living a fulfilling life.

Our Approach to Dementia Care

At Danforth Care, we take a holistic approach to dementia care, incorporating support for each resident’s medical requirements, as well as a range of daily activities to keep your loved one’s mind and body moving. Our staff undergo comprehensive training in order to provide appropriate care, using our advanced computerised systems to build out personalised care plans which are tailored to those suffering with dementia and their uniquely changing needs.

Dementia-friendly Design and Accessibility Features

Additionally, Danforth care homes are thoughtfully built to make life easier for those with dementia diagnoses, incorporating insights from medical professionals. For instance, the kitchen and dining room space are specifically designed to help residents living with dementia find and use what they need. They’re laid out clearly and recognisably, to help stimulate appetite and encourage independence where possible. Our homes also contain a number of small, cosy lounges, so there’s always a quiet place for anyone who feels a little confused or anxious to take refuge, while the gardens feature flat pathways and sensory planting to aid stimulation and wellbeing. 

We’ve decorated our dementia care homes in considered neutral tones to provide a calming environment without any overly busy or distracting patterns, but handrails, floors and bedroom doors are carefully chosen in contrasting colours to help residents remember their way around the facility. On top of this, all our entrances are well-lit, while large windows and French doors let in as much natural light as possible, which reduces the need for artificial lighting and helps eliminate dark shadows, both of which can cause confusion.