Luxury Care Homes : One Inclusive Fee

Care Homes in Surrey

At Danforth Care Homes, we create a comfortable, safe, and friendly environment for our respected residents. We offer 24-hour residential, respite, and dementia care of the best quality. Our values of authenticity, inclusivity, and empowerment are evident through the highest standards of care our dedicated staff proudly provide. Our luxury accommodation and excellent facilities, alongside the personalised care tailored to everyone’s needs we offer, truly set our care homes in Surrey apart within the area.

Types of Care

The outstanding types of care we offer are supported by our committed team of experienced caregivers, ensuring our residents' comfort and safety. Residential care is an ideal option for older people looking for extra support in their day-to-day lives due to reduced mobility and isolation. Our specialised dementia care is supported by the best practices and latest medical research, thus enriching our residents’ lives. Respite care is perfect for shorter stays, especially for those recovering from operations or giving primary caregivers a well-deserved rest. 

Our Staff

Our staff work tirelessly to provide residents with the best care. At Danforth, we ensure that our staff members are aligned with our values and principles, enabling them to provide outstanding care that makes a difference in our residents’ lives—always prioritising our residents’ physical and mental well-being. Our team, consisting of experienced and highly trained professionals, builds bonds with residents and their families based on mutual trust and compassion. 

Our Care Homes in Surrey

Danforth Care Homes offers high-quality care in a calm, relaxing, and warm space for everyone. We are dedicated to our values of respect, compassion, and empowerment as we provide exceptional personalised care tailored to each resident’s needs. Our luxury accommodations and fabulous facilities enable residents to remain independent while receiving support when necessary. We truly value the trust placed in us by loved ones and ensure peace of mind through the outstanding care we provide.