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Our Values

Our Danforth Values

At Danforth Care Homes we strongly believe that we are the best care provider. We believe that we are because we have the best luxury care homes, the best colleagues and ultimately, the best standards in care.

We know we have the best luxury care homes; you only have to come and visit one of our fantastic new homes to see that. But we know we have the best colleagues and the best care standards because of our guiding principles and beliefs that make up our “Danforth Values”.

Our “Danforth Values” ensure that each one of our fantastic colleagues are part of the Danforth Family.  And these values ensure that as a family, we work together as a team, and a common goal of always remaining the best care provider, providing the best care, in the best luxury care homes.

The Danforth Values that make up our “family” are:

Authentic – From the moment our colleagues join our family, or residents move into one of our homes everyone understands that we are different. We do not copy anyone else, we set our own standards and expectations. Our guiding principles are genuine and ensure that our homes are lovely, fun, and exciting. And that sets us apart from everyone else.

Inclusive – As a great care provider, we ensure that our resident’s lives are meaningful and that they are treated fairly and that reasonable adjustments are made to ensure they can participate in the activities of their choice. We want all our residents to be included in everything that we do, and that our residents always feel heard.

Respectful – At Danforth we will always strive to ensure that we deliver care with dignity that supports and respects every resident. Through Person Centered and Individualised Care Planning, we will recognise and promote their capacities and ambitions. We will always have respect for what they can do, who they are, and the life they've lived.

Empowerment – Our residents will always be encouraged and supported to feel empowered to make their own choices. They will be given the support and time to have the control over the decisions and actions that affect their lives, to ensure that they always feel valued, listened to and respected.

Individual – We believe we provide the best care, and we believe in this as our care is personalised. Our residents will always have control and choice when it comes to the way their care is planned and delivered, taking into account individual needs, preferences and circumstances.

Discover the Danforth Difference – experience our unmatched care and vibrant community firsthand. Book a visit to a Danforth Care Home today and see how our values shape a unique and enriching environment for our residents.

Our Values